Soft Plastic Recycling

istockphoto-clear-stretch-filmHuhtamaki Paper Recycling is also a plastic recycler. Any plastic films can be collected and recycled. Huhtamaki ensures 100% plastic recycling as all plastics are recycled by Huhtamaki-affiliated sites in Holland and Germany. It is preferable that the plastic is kept separate from paper in order to avoid the need for later sorting. Through segregation at source, it allows for you to reducing processing costs meaning a larger rebate.

Why Recycle plastic?

  • Plastic recycling helps reduce landfill costs
  • Plastic recycling preserves raw materials
  • There can be significant energy saving when recycling
  • Plastic recycling protects the environment
  • To comply with environmental legislation

We have recently been engaged by a local manufacturing company to recycle its plastic bags saving them nearly £750/month on landfill costs!