Confidential Document Shredding

iStock_shreddocsWhether it is keeping customers’ information private or keeping commercially-sensitive information away from competitors, data security is vitally important to business. It is also very important for private residences to protect themselves from identity theft. Confidential document shredding is the most reliable and cost-effective method of secure disposal.

A routine confidential destruction or secure document disposal procedure is established best practice including a regular review of what is required to be held both from the needs of your business and also in compliance with relevant legislation. Document shredding is a proven method of confidential document destruction.

Advantages of confidential document shredding:

  • Confidential document shredding prevents identity theft
  • Corporate security (protection of sensitive data)
  • Protection of employee data
  • Protection of customer information
  • Document shredding protects sensitive pricing structures
  • As a side effect of confidential document shredding, it removes redundant documentation (frees up space allowing for cheaper and more effective administration)

Our confidential document shredding service complies with the British Standards Institute operating guideline BS EN 15713 (secure handling of confidential documentation) which sets out best practice for the document destruction industry.

Our service includes:

  • Choice of bag or bins (depending on volume required)
  • Bag/Bin traceability - we can identify at any point in time the status of the bag/bin (received, delivered to depot, awaiting destruction, destroyed)
  • Guaranteed destroyed within one working day of receipt
  • 24/7 camera surveillance
  • Access NI security-vetted staff
  • A Certificate of destruction for audit purposes

WE OFFER WHAT THE COMPETITION CAN’T!!! we add an additional process to your confidential document shredding with the shredded paper then being pulped to a liquid paste. This is ABSOLUTE destruction. We are happy for customers to come and view the process first-hand.

As our confidential shredder is fixed, it means that our costs are too. This makes us a cheaper (and quieter!) alternative to onsite shredders.

We currently conduct secure document shredding for Councils, Schools, Banks, Government Departments and Document Storage companies as well as a whole host of smaller businesses and private individuals. Our provide confidential shredding services and secure document disposal in Belfast, Lisburn and the greater Belfast area.