Paper & Cardboard Recycling

iStock_stackpaperHuhtamaki Paper Recycling is a leading paper recycling company in Lisburn dedicated to waste paper disposal. We offer cost-effective and efficient solutions for paper waste disposal from your site. We deal with Councils, Government Departments, banks and big businesses right down to one-man businesses in Lisburn, Belfast and beyond. No matter how big or small you are, we have the flexibility to deal with your waste paper disposal and paper recycling requirements. We are also involved in cardboard recycling and plastics recycling

We look to lower your costs by maximising levels of paper recycling and reducing (sometimes eliminating) waste going to landfill. Huhtamaki pays you top market rates for waste paper, waste cardboard and waste plastic.

- Why Recycle paper and cardboard?

  • Paper recycling helps reduce landfill costs
  • Paper recycling preserves raw materials
  • There can be significant energy saving from recycling
  • Paper recycling protects the environment
  • To comply with environmental legislation
  • To generate a small revenue stream from your waste material